Sabre Industries Galvanizing Facility

As a full-service, general galvanizer, Sabre Galvanizing Services, is specifically designed to provide steel fabricators with exceptional corrosion protection.

Our state-of-the-art facility is located on Sabre Industries' industrial complex in Alvarado, Texas. Set on 35 acres with ample storage and staging space, this 52,000 sq. ft. hot-dip galvanizing facility is one of the largest in North America.

Sabre Galvanizing Services has one of the world's largest operating kettles. Completely enclosed to eliminate any danger of zinc splashing, our kettle measures 65' long x 11' deep x 9' wide, and holds 2.58 million pounds of molten zinc. Our 11’ deep kettle provides for greater heat sink and eliminates most of the need for “double dipping”. With 20 ton lifting capacity, Sabre can galvanize the largest steel fabrications with safety and ease.

If your project requires a dulled galvanizing structure we can offer that too. Our on-site dulling facility utilizes a chemical process that simulates aging of approximately 6 months. This process takes a freshly galvanized structure and de-glares it so it blends with its surroundings.

Sabre Galvanizing Services is leading the way in galvanizing in North America. Utilizing some of the best technology worldwide, we provide superior quality galvanizing while protecting our environment. Our hot-dip galvanizing is done in accordance with ASTM 123, 153, or 767. Contact us toll free today at (877) 596-1301 or via email at galvanizinginfo@sabreindustries.com. We will show you some of the best hot-dip galvanizing in the industry.

Sabre Galvanizing has one of the world’s largest operating kettles.